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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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seoul, south korea where president obama is in attendance for the g-20 economic summit with other world leaders. we'll be talking more about that coming up shortly. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news on this thursday morning. glad you are along with us. we say good morning to tony perkins. this nice week just rolls on. >> it does t continues today, -- it does. it continues today, tomorrow and through the weekend. 46degrees right now in washington. that is not bad. 47 in baltimore. we do have some more 30s on the map this morning. 32 in frederick. ocean city, it is 48 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite for the region, our skies are clear and for a change, most of the northeast is clear as that big
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storm system that was impacting the weather there beginning part of the week has finally pushed out. we'll see plenty of sunshine for sunrise this morning and during the day. here is your forecast for today. you know it as well as i do, folks. sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon, high into the low 60s. 61degrees for your high downtown. that is a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> veterans day meaning hopefully that we'll have lighter than usual traffic volumes out on the roads today. you will find that the reversible roads will be carrying two-with a way -- two- way traffic. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, president obama is attending the g-20 summit in seoul, south korea
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where the united states and other countries are focusing on efforts to strengthen the global economy. during the two-day summit, government and business leaders are tackling international efforts to tighten bank oversight and avoid a currency war. president obama called on other countries to pull their weight especially when it comes to helping the united states with economic growth. >> the point that we have consistently made is that n a prudent, stable way, we want to make sure that we are boosting growth rates at home as well as abroad. >> the president commemmorated veterans day by talking to hundreds of american troops currently stationed in seoul, south korea. vice president biden will host a veterans day breakfast at the white house and then make his way to arlington national cemetery for a wreath
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laying. there is a remembrance ceremony. at 1:00, thousands are expected to gather at the vietnam veterans memorial for the annual observance ceremony. a plan to cut the nation's deficit could hit those who receive social security. the proposal reduces annual cost of living increases. it recommends looking at eliminating popular tax breaks like mortgage interest production. it is part of a proposal to get the deficit under control. there is plentiy more to the plan including raising the retirement age. we'll have more on this in about 15 minutes scientist kansas church knowing for stirring up controversy is bringing its message to george washington university this morning. they are calling students god- hating heathens. >> right now, we are looking at live pictures from seoul, south korea where you see president obama arriving for the g-0 economic summit. he will be there for a couple of days. again, the united states and other countries focusing on
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efforts to strengthen the global economy and the president, while in seoul, south korea, also commemmorating veterans day. we'll have more on this throughout the morning. now, back to the story with the westboro baptist church. sarah simmons joining us from the foggy bottom campus of george washington university with more. >> reporter: it is the westboro baptist church. it's tiny, small church. a group of them will be here protesting at washington circle across the street from university hospital. george washington university students are planning their own counter-protest as well. that will be occurring here at 8:00 this morning. the westboro baptist whoich, if -- church, if you've not heard of them, they have an anti-gay message. they have been before the supreme court over that issue. the george washington university students planning their own counter-protest and all of it taking place at the
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washington circle. as for why the westboro group is targeting george washington university, well, church members say during a stop for lunch at the campus food court last year, a student asked one of them to sign a petition supporting gay marriage and that is what sparked this whole ordeal. the word is spreading quickly on campus about today's protest and here is what some of the students have to say about it. >> a heathen wouldn't really be the word to describe me, no. it is a little harsh. >> i think they are very strategic. they know that college kids are not going to let them show up and do nothing about it. >> reporter: now, students are saying this will be a peaceful protest. we understand that some of the students are actually selling t- shirts that they were going to wear for today that say gay for today but they say this will be a peaceful protest here. also, student leaders have started a facebook group for this protest. they have about 1800 members as of right now.
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and here is the thing. this is not the last stop for the westboro baptist church today. a church leader says they plan to protesting at arlington cemetery sometime today as well on this vet an day. live here in northwest, sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. a shooting in southeast washington and the gunman is still on the loose this morning. police say it happened near the intersection of 14th place an savannah street about 8:00 last night. the 16-year-old boy was found nearby in the parking lot of a giant grocery store along alabama avenue. we are told he is in serious condition. there was a frightening experience for one mother as she and her baby were separated during the evening rush hour. this happened at the west hyattsville metro station. the woman tried to get the stroller with the baby inside on to a green line train. before she could get on the train, the door slammed on her. one rider blames the train door. >> the door closed too quick. i think it is carelessness. it is recklessness.
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it is negligence. and in the world we live in today, it really, really put that baby -- it was a little infant baby, in harm's way. >> the mother did catch the next train and was reunited with the baby. the woman did not file a complaint. the chandra levy murder trial now in recess once again until monday. the judge expects the jury could get the case by wednesday. the prosecution abruptly rested its case yesterday and dropped two charges against ingmar guandique. an fbi witness testified that semen found in levy's underwear matched the dna of gary con sit and that dna on levy's tights did not match guandique or condit. you can follow all the action
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from our website. paul wagner is blogging from the courtroom. new developments in the investigation into qantas airlines jumbo jets. as the disable the cruise ship slowly makes its way back to port, we'll tell you how the passengers are keeping busy. as
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a virginia family is asking for more answers from the pentagon after getting conflicting reasons for their daughter's death. the family is accusing the army of a cover-up. specialist morganne mcbeth was scheduled to come home on leave in july two years after signing up. at first, the pentagon said she accidentally stabbed herself and changed the story with the army saying she was accidentally stabbed with by another soldier and then they gave the family another story. >> she was killed by two soldiers from her unit. >> i was shocked. i could accept it if it was a roadside bomb or something. but the people that you trust, i'm very angry. i feel like it is one big cover- up but i don't know why. >> months have gone by and the
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family is still waiting to find out what happened to their daughter. qantas is keeping its a-380 airplanes on the ground. they pulled the fleet of six from seven us last week after an engine exploded in midair. it says the super jumbo planes will be grounded until it finishes all the safety checks. the passengers on that disable the cruise ship stuck off southern california trying to cope with what they have. they are staying busy with live music, scavenger hunts and trivia contests. the ship, the carnival splendor, should arrive in the port of san diego sometime today. it lost power on monday after an engine fire and tugboats have been pulling it up the coast ever since. coming up next, retiring may be further off than you think. we'll tell what you a presidential panel has in mind. we'll take a look at your weather and traffic. we are coming back after the break.
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we look at the wilson bridge. hopefully, traffic won't be bad today. federal government gets the day off for veterans day. we should have a pretty nice day to be off. >> we have ahad a wonderful week with temperatures in the 60s. >> it continues today. tucker and i were just looking at the forecast for the next several days and we both agree the weekend is going to be spectacular. i think it will be great. >> good timing. >> not super warm, not talking about temperatures, 57, 80 degrees but still a beautiful weekend. very comfortable for fall. what month is this, november?
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it will be fantastic. reagan national, 64-degree for your high yesterday. dulles international was at 62 degrees. bwi marshall was at 64 degrees. just a splendid day. see these temperatures in that is similar to what we'll have over the weekend, saturday an sunday. there you go. now you know. current temperatures around the region. it is a colder start to the day. we told you it would be. 37 in gaithersburg. 37 at dulles airport. 30 in manassas. culpeper is at 43. in maryland, we are looking at 45 in stevensville. 48-degree currently in annapolis. leonardtown is at 36. satellite-radar for the entire nation. you got high pressure dominating in the eastern u.s. keeping things quiet across pretty much the entire east. our storm system that was bringing stormy conditions to the northeast, that is out of here so we're quiet. won't see much in the way of cloud cover either. there is a frontal boundary out in the nation's midsection. that does have some clouds associated with it and some
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precipitation as well. surface map for today. here is what we expect to see as the day progresses and as we head towards the weekend. slightly cooler. just a little bit cooler today. we are talking a couple of degrees as that high pressure settles in and brings us mild conditions, not just for today but tomorrow and again through the weekend. so the forecast for today looks like this. think you know it. sunny skies, a pleasant afternoon. 61degrees for your high downtown. not bad at all. five-day forecast, your friday is going to be a good day. we are looking for more sunshine on friday. 63degrees. look at the weekend. saturday and sunday, highs in the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine. no rain on tap. monday, partly cloudy. i think on will be tuesday. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> lmplet looking good this morning out on the roads with no incidents -- all right. looking good this morning out
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on the roads with no incidents. we are expecting lighter than usual traffic because of veterans day. outer loop looks great passing university boulevard. no problems to report as you continue around towards georgia avenue. southbound 270 in the clear germantown to the lane divide. no problems to report out on 66. light volume continuing inbound from 50 fair oaks towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. big expectations for a long awaited luxury hotel at the d.c. convention center. officials broke ground on the new washington marriott marquee. that hotel is expected to open in 2014. march feinty says the project will create 1600 construction jobs. if you are planning on at age 65, collecting social security and then just relaxing, don't get too
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comfortable yet. a new report suggests raising that retirement age and cutting social security. >> reporter: are -- retiring to the beach may be further off than you think. some suggest raising the retirement age to at least 68 and slashing social security benefits. >> we do cut spending and we cut spending wherever we find it. >> reporter: the proposal suggests raising retirement from 65 years old to 68 by the year 2050 and then bumping it up again to age 69 in the year 2075. heading the panel is erskine bowles. >> i think a really strong starting point. >> reporter: republican and former senator alan simpson is co-chairing the panel. he says the respect is due on the president's desk by december 1st but emphasize this is only a first draft. >> we've shared with the commission to read it, ponder it, critique it, chew under on
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it. >> reporter: other proposals include cutting foreign aid by $4.6 billion, eliminating earmarks and simplifying the tax code into three levels at 8, 14 and 23%. this first draft includes $4 trillion in deficit reduction through the year 2020. there is mixed reaction from some of the other panelists. >> i give them very high marks for being bold and producing a plan that does get us back on a sustainable course. >> i doubt that could you put together a plan to deal with the fiscal issues we face in our country without creating a plan that has controversy in it. >> reporter: it suggests implementing the outlined budget cary cuts not next year but in 2012. bernie madoff's dirty laundry is up for auction in new york city. anybody has a hans to literally walk in the shoes of the fraudster. hundreds of items or the auction block, everything from furniture, jewelry and clothing will go on sale this weekend.
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break ground on a new monument dedicated to every wounded warrior who suffered a permanent injury. there are more than three million living disabled vets. the mondayment will be right across from the botanical garden on the national mall. troops who serve on the front lines make sacrifices many of us can't even understand. one virginia man is getting a show of appreciation on this veterans day. >> he made an extraordinary sacrifice in iraq and now back home, the people who care about him are working to make his new leave easier. as beth parker shows us, even some strangers are helping out. >> reporter: staff sergeant bunky woods has been on a journey. >> finally get to come home. >> reporter: he was serving iraq and was shot in the neck by a sniper and is now paralyzed from the shoulders down. with the help of a nonprofit its calls homes for our troops pluses dozens of businesses an individual is, bunky has a new house. >> when people look at this
5:26 am
house, i don't want them to see my house but i want them to see that the american spirit is alive and well. >> reporter: now, it was very important to bunky to be in the place where he feels at home here nestled in the blue ridge mountains. it's spectacular setting but the real magic begins at the front door they weren't just build a house. they are restoring bunky's independence. >> things that are normally small tasks for people like putting on a light switch and opening a door is like climbing a mountain for me. >> reporter: the lights, the fireplace, the doors are all voice activated. >> all he has to do is say door open and it will open for him. >> reporter: margot as the mother of one of bunky's childhood friends. they are also general contractors who dennated their time. what has it meant for to you do this? >> it has been the single most rewarding volunteer project i've ever done. >> reporter: homes for our troops has built 81 houses
5:27 am
heading toward the goal of 100. >> we can't stop until we can say mission accomplished and it is well beyond 100. there are probably about 1,000 soldiers and marines out there that would qualify and need this kind of housing and as americans, we need to look at this and say 1,000, we can get there. we can do that. >> reporter: they are looking ahead just like bunky woods. in warren county, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. and we have still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> reporter: a controversial church is bringing its anti-gay message to the george washington university campus. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have more on that story coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.
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we honor every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of the united states of america. we salute fallen heroes and keep in our prayers those who are still in harm's way. >> president barack obama commemmorating veterans day overseas in south korea saluting the bravery of u.s. troops before heading to the g- 20 summit where he is right now. >> this veterans day, temperatures look like they will be pretty good. if you see a vet today, say thank you for their service to this country. >> we thank you and salute you. we've got a great day on tap
5:31 am
for you. we'll have picture perfect conditions through the day today. those who may be heading down to the mall and to the various memorials, a fine day for it. 44-degree at reagan national. 73% humidity. winds are out of the northwest at seven miles per hour. barometric pressure, 30.32. here is a look at the satellite- radar. there is not much to show you. nothing going on. no clouds, no precipitation. we have no reports of fog and there are no missile contrails this morning. so it is a good morning. here is your forecast for today. very much like the last few days and like the next couple of days. plenty of sunshine, temperatures into the 60s. today, we think it will be the low 60s as opposed to the mid- 60s like we got yesterday. still, great day. enjoy it, folks. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic on this veterans day. >> good morning to you all.
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outer loop of the beltway at speed leaving college park headed over towards georgia avenue. with it being a federal holiday, our reversible roads are open for two-way travel. do keep note of that. beltway traffic running smoothly right now as you travel from college park headed towards georgia avenue. 66, an easy ride coming inbound from fair oaks towards 123. overnight roadwork in tyson's has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to our top story, the president in seoul, south korea this morning for a two-day summit of the g-20. this is video of him arriving forecast 30 minutes. the u.s. and other countries including germany, china, brazil and india, all tackling major global issues. the president called on other countries to pull their weight.
5:33 am
>> we recall acts of uncommon bravery and selflessness but we also remember honoring those who served is about more than the words we say on veterans day or memorial day. >> the u.s. and south korea failed to reach an agreement on a free trade deal but president obama says efforts will continue in the weeks ahead. today, we honor our servicemen and women. vice president joe biden will host a veterans day breakfast this morning at the white house and then the vice president will make his way to arlington national cemetery for a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown. after that, there is a remembrance ceremony. at 1:00, thousands are expected to gather at the vietnam veterans memorial for the annual observance ceremony. new this more than, an off- duty prince george's county police officer fired his gun ate person he says shot at him first. it happened about 12:30 this morning in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. the officer says the suspect was trying to rob him. the officer wasn't hurt. the suspect is still on the loose. there will be a lot of
5:34 am
activity at the george washington university campus. a controversial kansas church is bringing its anti-gay message to campus. but students have planed a counter-protest. snobs joins -- sarah simmons joins us with more. >> reporter: this group ended up recently at the supreme court. the george washington university is planning their own counter-protest. this is all taking place about 8:00. as for why the westboro group is targeting george washington university, the church members tell us that during a stop for lunch at i campus food court last year, a student asked one of them to sign a petition supporting gay marriage.
5:35 am
now, the word, of course, about this whole ordeal is spreading across campus about today's protest. here what is students had to say about it. >> although they do have the first amendment right to say what they are saying, we too have a first amendment right to say what we want to say and we oppose hate in all forms and this is really going to unite everyone on this campus against hate. >> reporter: now, students say that this will be a peaceful protest and actually thinks from what we understand, they are trying to take a somewhat huge rouse approach to the whole thing. students do want to show their solidarity. some are selling t-shirts that say i'm gay for today to show their unity here on campus. there is a facebook group apparently that student leaders have started that has about 1800 members for this counter protest. and westboro baptist church will also be at arlington national cemetery today as well
5:36 am
protesting there. we are live here in northwest. sarah simmons, back to you. in southeast d.c., a shooting and the gunman still on the run this morning. police say it happened near 14th place and savannah street last night. the 16-year-old boy, the victim, found nearby in the parking lot of a giant grocery store. we are told he is in serious condition. the defense is going to start calling witnesses when the chandra levy murder trial pick back up on monday. the prosecution abruptly rested its case yesterday and dropped two of the charges against the suspect, ingmar guandique, without any explanation. he still facing several charges including two counts of murder. the real bombshell came when an fbi witness testified that semen found in chandra levy's underwear matched the dna of former congressman gary condit and that dna on her tights did not match guandique or condit. the prrgs minute -- the prosecution maintains the dna belongs to someone who handled the tights after they were found. paul wagner is blogging from
5:37 am
the courtroom every day. go to to read all the developments. facing some controversy over a decision to sell a book offering advice to pedophiles. the markets are all up this morning. we'll take a break and come right back.
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amazon is defending a book geared toward pedophiles. people are outraged after amazon put a book online that offers advice to fed files. it is called the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. it is an electronic book available to kindle users. sam zone said it believes it would be censorship not to sell books because other people believe they are objectionable. cimarron lamba says he is eager to move on to the battlefield. his religion requires him to wear a turban and beard and keep his hair uncut. the army has prevented sikhs
5:41 am
from entering the army. a woman and baby were separated at a metro station. the woman tried to get her stroller with the baby inside into the green line train but before she could get in the door slammed on her. passengers say they alerted the metro police but they never showed up. >> there was no one there. we were standing there waiting. we are looking around. we are looking around. where is metro transit. she hesitated and took the baby off the train. >> the mother did cast next train and was reunite with the baby. metro said the woman did not file a complaint. -- the mother did catch the next train and was reunited with the baby. metro said the woman did not file a complaint. in the 405 escalators that have been inspected, 25 of the
5:42 am
brake systems need to be replaced in metro. another big weekend at the box office. coming up next, denzel wash is unstoppable and so is kevin mccarthy from 106.7 fm the fan. we'll check your weather and your commute this morning. it is veterans day so hopefully lighter than normal. we're back after this.
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welcome back. off to a nice start today. a lot of folks in nashville waking up happy this morning. country music celebrated the biggest night of the year last night. it was the 44th annual country music association awards. the night's big winner was miranda lambert. she took home three awards including female vocalist of the year. >> gwyneth paltrow made her country music singing debut. there is the guy that got the biggest honor of the night, brad paisley who received the award for entertainer of the year with an emotional thank you to his devoted fans. >> you are one of his big fans, right? >> i am. >> he is a good guitar player. >> excellent. he and vince gill are probably
5:46 am
two of the best out there. >> very nice. >> we have a fine start to the day. it is a little cool. got some cold temperatures out there in the 30s. this morning, 30s or more widespread than they have been during the last couple of mornings. if you are thinking about getting the kids ready for school this more than, it is a cooler start to the day. generally speaking, temperatures are in the 40s but again, many places in the 30s. sunrise this morning will be at 6:46 and you will have sunny skies so if you are driving to the east, you will have some sunshine delays. okay. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 44 right now in the district. 48 in annapolis, 37 in gaithersburg. check out how cold it is in frederick. 30degrees there. 33 in martinsburg. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the area. not much to show you, folks. there is the area of low pressure. bye-bye. that is out of here.
5:47 am
we have clear skies. much of the eastern united states has clear skies from the northeast into the mid-atlantic into the southeast. high pressure is in control. that is really the way things are going to be for the next several days. check it out. here is your jet stream map. the jet stream, we keep showing it to you. it fluctuates. as you know, for a while there, it was down to the south. now, it is up to the north. that allows milder air to be in place. minneapolis to him enates, a large ridge of high pressure. for your weekend, i think fantastic, saturday, sunny, 65. sunday, sunny and 64. very, very pleasant conditions. -- high pressure dominates, a
5:48 am
large ridge of high high pressure. let's go to julie now for your traffic. >> light and easy volume coming in on 66 from manassas to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a new imax film premiered in d.c. illustrating just how beautiful waterways across the nation are suffering because of neglect and what could be done to fix it. it is called grand canyon adventure, river at risk, 3-d. it fee you ares robert f. kennedy, jr. and he cites the anacostia here in d.c. >> of course, washington, d.c. has the potomac which is beautiful and people take care of it. but the anacostia is an unseen river and among the kind ofdom
5:49 am
national populations, it goes through minority neighborhoods. it should be a national treasure. instead, it is an emblem of national neglect. >> the epa says 40% of our nation's rivers are too polluted to swim in or fish if. the new movie unstoppable tells the story ofest to stop a runwith a train going through small town america. it is based on a true story and marks the fifth collaboration between director tony scott and star denzel washington. kevin m 1 c 0 carthy with 106.7 the fan sat down with denzel washington to talk about the film. >> the greatest thing about this movie is that the train itself is a character. >> it is the star. >> yeah, it is the star. talk about what you think tony scott did so well to make that character such a villain in the movie. >> when i first went to the office to talk about this movie, he had little trains and he started showing me. what is this 06-year-old man down on the floor and you see
5:50 am
this one is going boom and then when you shoot it from over here. but he just knows how to put it together. as i was just saying to someone else, he doesn't use, i don't think, any -- maybe one or two cgi shots. it is all real stuff, real trains, real people. >> were you able to do a lot of your own stunts. >> we did lot of hanging offer the train, jumping, running on top of t but we had brilliant stunt men working with us. >> i wish we had more time. i. >> i need to know where that train is. >> we're in the exactly sure. >> well find out! >> unstoppable opens tomorrow. kevin will be here tomorrow for a review of that and the other new releases for the weekend. we'll find out what harrison ford told kevin about his new movie. he gets some great guests, doesn't he? >> i'm glad he shares it with
5:51 am
us. another twist in the gilbert arenas fake injury saga. gilbert now changing his story. and here is our facebook fan of the day. if you would like to be moment's fan of the day, fine us by s&ping for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under lolita's picture and stay with us. we'll be right back. >> i like to think of the duct system as the lungs of the house. the drawing in and expulsion of air. i take out all the dust and dirt that accumulates there, helping the house
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first, it was skins coach mike shanahan changing his story about benching donovan mcnabb. now, gilbert arenas is take a turn telling sports illustrated the fake knee scenario was not to help nick young get minutes after all but gilbert was afraid of getting booed. as for the action on the court, john wall showing he is the reel deal against the rockets. he gets the inbound and gets it to mcgee for the alley oop dunk, throws it down. magic johnson wanting to see the rookie in action there behind ted leonsis. the wizards would go up by seven a half. gilbert and wall adding an alley oop of their own. john wall with his first triple double in the pros. terps hosting the college
5:55 am
of charleston. second half, terpdz down four points. adrian bowie drives to finds jordan in the lane for the lay- up. the game would go down to the wire. final seconds, terps down by one. howard working, pulls back, hits the jumper. maryland now up one. charleston still with one last chance. races the other way. throws up a three-pointer at the buzzer. back of the rim. no good. maryland holds on to edge college of charleston 75-74. can you smile, gary. it's okay. >> these guys are smiling. these are some of the nats who walked the runways to unveil their new jerseys. tyler clifford in the new jersey with the hat with the red bill. a new red alternate with a w logo that will be worn at lemignot on saturdays and sundays and the simple home jersey with the red script.
5:56 am
we want to know what you think of the new uniforms. search wttgmorningnews on twitter. coming up around 8:45. tyler clifford and the nationals chiefs operating officer will be joining us for another look at the uniforms. a man household items to create a space camera. how did he do it? we find out from fox's christina lee. >> reporter: unearthly, beautiful snapshots 24 miles above san diego county and you didn't need hundreds of pounds of high-tech gear to capture them. just a clever 28-year-old. >> the fact that i did it only once and was able to retrieve the pictures that one time is still amazing to me. >> reporter: in one hour, eric created a space camera at home using a styrofoam beer cooler, a digital camera, a cell phone with gps, fishing line and duct
5:57 am
tape. >> you could use a lunch box. you could use tupperware. you could use a cardboard box. about # hundred altogether. >> reporter: he launched his creation in the imperial valley. >> you could see the ocean and even the sea of core -- cortez. i watched it go up. it just popped itself. >> reporter: then using the cell phone gps system, he found his space camera about 50 miles north of the launching site. as for what he plans to do with the photos. >> i posted the photos online. they are free to anybody who wants it see them or use them. just turned out great. >> pretty neat. straight ahead at 6 6:00,
5:58 am
all your top stories and we'll check your commute and forecast. >> you know i always say "know the species, know the stain." see, based on size lanolin-free coat, and his ear shape, i know it's an alpaca. but you get some guy who walks in
5:59 am
here, looks around, doesn't think, and says "hey look, it's a llama!" next thing you know he's cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. now that's your time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ♪


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